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Kids can now go on a magical journey on the PonyCycle Unicorn

Original link: Kids just move up and down in the saddle with their feet on the pedals to make the Unicorn move (Image: Skyths Toys) Forget dancing llamas, PonyCycle Unicorn is the talk of the social media forums at the moment. Kids just move up and down in the saddle, with their feet on the pedals, to ride this unique Unicorn. There’s no need for batteries or power, children just rise and fall in the saddle to move the Unicorn’s legs and head forward, creating a galloping motion that propels the PonyCycle Unicorn forward. The PonyCycle Unicorn is a fun new way to improve balance and coordination and get kids active. Wooden handles provide the rider with extra stability and security, as well as...

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Best Birthday Gift

Fall is a time to make special memories. The leaves are changing colors. The weather is nice and crisp. The smell of pumpkins infuses the air. We ordered a PonyCycle toy as a birthday gift for our little. When I tell you my child reaction was priceless!       From the moment she saw it she didn’t want to let it go. It was just so memorable. I wished I would have captured it on video. This is the Best Gift for kids!!! My husband already had it assembled. It took him no time to do. When my kiddo woke up to a pony and a room filled with balloons. She freaked with excitement and joy. A Childhood so pure. She immediately...

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The Magic in Childhood

There’s so much magic in childhood! Dreaming of a magical journey… then look no further. The PonyCycle pony does it all. It is sure to deliver a magical experience to every child around the world. The craftmanship of this pony is outstanding. It is extremely rich and vibrant. The quality is amazing and the durability is timeless. From the moment we unboxed her we were amazed. It was easy to assemble. It only took a few short minutes. Before we knew it our toddler was off to the races. Her eyes was full of excitement and ours filled with joy. The PonyCycle toy does not need batteries or charging devices. Your little one simply press the side peddles in a...

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