PonyCycle® Unicorn Model K Review- My Daughter's Unicorn Dream Come True!

By Miranda

August 26th, 2021


Lucy’s birthday is coming up and she’s about to turn 7.  She’s a girly girl who loves sparkles, princesses, unicorns, fairy tales, animals, and all things pretty.  One of her birthday wishes this year is for a unicorn.  Thanks to PonyCycle®, her dream has come true!


The Anticipation!

When Lucy saw what arrived on our doorstep, she was THRILLED!  I didn’t have time to open it that first day so for the next 24 hours, I was asked over a dozen times when we would have time.  Throughout the day, I’d find her in the entryway looking over the box with excitement. 

Why A PonyCycle® Unicorn Or Horse Makes A Great WOW Gift!

A PonyCycle® Ride On makes a great wow gift immediately upon first glance!  The size of the box is impressive and the pictures on the front lets kids know they’re in for a treat!  Because let’s be honest….what child DOESN’T want their very own ride on animal!?  With all the PonyCycle® options, you can help make any child’s dreams come true.  Current options include two different models; the premium model K and the classic model U (which has bonus accessories that can be purchased including rein, pedal pads, and more).  Their new Model U version even features brakes, sound, updated wheels!  Variations available are:

  • Pink Unicorn
  • White Unicorn
  • Zebra
  • Chocolate Dark Brown Horse
  • Black Horse
  • Light Brown Horse

Each PonyCycle® ride-on playmate comes in two size options: ages 3-5 or ages 4-9.



PonyCycle® Unicorn Model K Review



As I mentioned above, when Lucy saw her birthday gift arrive a few weeks early, she was super excited.  So the next day, we got to unboxing her PonyCycle® Unicorn Model K.  Assembly was surprisingly easy.  The only thing you need to do is attach the head with the included allen wrench and then zip the material together.


Within 10 minutes, we had her PonyCycle® Unicorn completely unboxed, assembled, and ready to ride!



  • Everyone who has seen Lucy’s PonyCycle® Unicorn has commented on the gorgeous appearance!  It really does turn heads.
  • Beautifully made of the finest cuddly soft plush materials
  • Various accessories for added fun include: Crown, Satin Bow, Grooming Brush, Award Ribbon, and Plush Seat Cover


  • The handles allow for steering of the horse
  • Metallic pedal with a comfortable, rubber grip foot-touch feeling for easy control.


  • Solid wooden handles for holding on to
  • Beautiful sparkling eyes that resemble those of a real animal
  • Kids love how the wheels light-up while riding and how the shimmering hooves sparkle. 


  • Double gear design for ultimate stability
  • Comfortable, raised seat


Does The PonyCycle® Require Batteries?

Nope!  One of the best features (in my opinion) about PonyCycle® ride-ons is the fact that they are actually kid powered!  The motion of the child’s legs and feet pushing on the peddles is what creates the momentum to move the pony forward.  So no batteries, no charging, no fuss!

Overall Appearance:

As you can see, the overall appearance is stunning.  My husband is usually skeptical about toys like this but he was super impressed as soon as he first saw it.  When assembling, he kept saying how well made and sturdy the PonyCycle® is and how he could see why they are so popular.  

What Is The Size Difference Between The PonyCycle® 3-5 and PonyCycle® 4-9?

When considering what size PonyCycle® Ride-On to get, definitely take into account the age, weight, AND size of your child.  The following charts give you the dimensions and limitations of the Unicorns to help.



Our Final Thoughts – What Lucy Thinks

When I ask her what she thinks about her PonyCycle® Unicorn, I receive an enthusiastic “It’s great mom!”.  Throughout the day, you’ll find Lucy riding, playing, petting, or grooming her unicorn as she really loves it!  


If you're looking for a birthday gift or already shopping for the upcoming holiday season, a PonyCycle® Ride-On is a great choice!  It'll be the one gift that will REALLY wow and continue to be played with for months and years to come. 

Model K

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