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PonyCycle, Rides Like A REAL Pony!

Make kids dream come true! Gallop into a wonderful adventure. Yeehaw!!

It’s Kids Operated!

Just get on, bounce & go!!! It’s easy to steer with the handlebars and they can go as fast or slow as they wish. This toy that do require a whole body movement.

PonyCycle Toy Is Unique In Life.

Riding outdoors, boys become brave and handsome knights, and girls are beautiful princesses. The combination of ponies and children is glorious and bright. A huge hit with all kids want to ride.

PonyCycle Makes Kids Stay Active At Home.

Smooth wheels allow kids to ride indoors. As a wonderful playmate, PonyCycle not only brings fun for kids, but also helps kids to train coordination throughout the body. With the pony's companion, Kids can easily get rid of the shackles of electronics.

It Is The Best Gift.

PonyCycle is so unique in its own way and completely diferent with any other toy. Kids are happy and excited to have it, parents and grandparents feel a sense of accomplishment to make their kids dream come true.

Amazing Toy To Get Attraction!

Getting attention is amazing. Riding the pony, children will have such happiness. Posting a video of riding a pony on any social platform will gain everyone's attention. You can be an online celebrity too!

Took our PonCycle Horses out for a gallop!

Took our PonCycle Horses out for a gallop!

This article is writen by CITYPEACH     Where are my millennial parents? One day I’ll have to play the greatest song for my children and maybe they will be... Read More

Which Size Fits?

PonyCycle is designed for children ages 3 to 9. It has two sizes, small is for age 3-5, max load capacity is 55 lbs; the other is for age 4-9, max... Read More
Which Size Fits?
Do these perfect gifts for kids-PonyCycle work on carpet?

Do these perfect gifts for kids-PonyCycle work on carpet?

    Sure PonyCycle ride-on toys can work on carpet without any problem. And this rideable toy can even go over the carpet, although it is a little more challenging... Read More