PonyCycle®: The Best Ride-on Gift for Kids

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Looking for the best ride-on horse toy for your child? Be sure to add the PonyCycle® Pony Ride-On to your shopping list. Whether for a birthday or holiday gift idea, this fun mechanical horse provides hours of entertainment and a realistic riding experience for children ages 3-12 — one of our picks for the best holiday gift for kids 2021.

I’m sure you’ve seen them before — at your local mall, play areas or neighborhood park— kids trotting along with their beautiful, realistic-looking pony. You may think it’s a cross between your typical rolling ride-on and electrically-powered vehicle, but this pony cycle ride-on is quite a unique experience. Powered by human motion simulation, the ride on horse operates a little differently than others and provides as close to the real experience as possible.

What is the PonyCycle® Ride-on and How Does it Work?

The PonyCycle® Ride-on is a plush mechanical riding horse, unlike the traditional rocking horse that stays in one place. Kids sit on the saddle, hold the handles and tread on the pedals. As they move in a bounce-like motion and the seat raises, the horse’s legs fold. When the rider comes down and releases the pedals the horse’s legs spread and advances the pony forward. When done continuously it creates a gallop motion, as if your child is riding a real horse!


Why Your Kid Will Love the PonyCycle® Ride On Horse Toy

If you’re wondering whether the PonyCycle® toy is worth the investment here are a few factors to consider.

Unique Gift Idea

The pony cycle ride-on is really like no other ride-on toy. Unlike, the stationary horse rocker that only moves back in forth, this ride on horse glides forward with your child’s movements, however they like, without batteries or charging needed.

Realistic Features
The quality pony features hair and fur that is made to look like a real horse. The newer models include redesigned ears, eyes, and face shape — the head mold is 3D carved so it looks more vivid. Plus, with the mechanical galloping movements and sounds, kids can feel like they are really learning to ride a pony!

Safe Ride-On Options

With the advancements (listed below) Pony Cycle aims to keep the ride-on safe for little ones. Not only are there separate ponies for younger (3-5 years old) and older children (4-9 years old), the newer models include safety brakes. Now the pony can stop when your child wants.

Safety one-way wheels make it less accident-prone and smoother to ride. Plus, the pedals are non-slip so your little one can ride with ease.


PonyCycle® Model U 2021 Improvements

The newest PonyCycle®, Model U 2021, features many updates and functions in sound, wheels, and brakes from the original.

If you’ve read reviews for the original Pony Cycle, it’s important to note a few improvements made.

For starters, the pony ride-on now includes brakes to keep your child safer. Simply squeeze the handlebars to bring the horse to a stop. This addition is one of the breakthroughs among mechanical riding horses to keep your little ones safer on the go.

Another improvement is the upgraded wheels for a smoother and silent ride. The larger contact area provides a more stable use. And one of the biggest changes from the previous model N to the new model U, is the integrated wheels to end the noise of stop rings.

Also, with a touch of a button kids can make the ride-on horse come to life with neighing and galloping sounds.

Finally, you can grab pony accessories, such as a brush, medallion or reins to complete the riding experience. There’s even a Christmas costume this year to ring in the holidays with!

Although there are a variety of pony toys out there, the PonyCycle® is the original world-powered mechanical ride on horse that brings tons of fun, entertainment, and laugher from little to older kids. Whether you have a pony-lover or active child who simply enjoys ride-on toys, kids will remember this one as one of the best holiday gifts yet!

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