How do you ride a PonyCycle®

What is the PonyCycle®?

PonyCycle® is a ride-on pony toy that is very popular with parents and children. The biggest feature is that it is driven by kids’ motivation, allowing them to exercise while playing. Making sports a fun thing. It rides as if riding a real horse. When riding on it you can feel the ups and downs like on the back of a real pony.

In addition to the excited riding experience, the range of body movements when riding is very similar to riding a real horse. The sports effect that can be achieved by riding a real horse can also be achieved by riding a PonyCycle®.

 As fully mechanical ride-on horse toy, PonyCycle® not require battery maintenance and charging, which is environmentally friendly and has a long usage life.

How do you ride a PonyCycle®?

First, sit on the saddle. If the child is not tall enough, you can step on the pedals. You don't have to worry about the pony falling over. Because it has a perfect architecture design to ensure stability.

Then, gently lift the feet, the saddle naturally sinks, the front legs of the pony has begun to move forward, and then step on the pedals again, and at the same time the little butt is lifted upwards, the pony begins to take the next step. Repeat the above actions, children make the horse's legs and head move forward and backward, moving the PonyCycle® forward in a galloping motion. As its fur-topped hooves hid wheels similar to those you’d find on roller blades. The faster the child's movement frequency, the faster the running. When the child stopped, the pony also stopped.

You can also steer the handle to adjust its direction. All these actions are so simple that children of the right age can easily control.


PonyCycle® ride-on horse has raised seat, it's the core of real horse riding experience. Through scientific ergonomic design and the built-in transmission mechanism of the ride-on pony, coordinated movement of the whole body is realized.

It can ride indoor and outdoor. While be careful not play on the downhill path be companied with parent.

Let’s have a look, how kids play with PonyCycle®.

  • Boys like competitions, come on and compete!
  • Isn’t it warm to take sister to play with?
  • Let's study together!  
  • Check if there is any problem, I will fix it.
  • It's great to come out to pull the sled in a snowy day.
  • Take a look at the stable I made for my pony, not bad?
  • The children's brains are so strong!

Why it is so popular?

Because kids simply like it.

Children seem to have no resistance to this cute plush toy itself, plus it is a toy that mixes cute animals and dynamics. The superimposed performance brings superimposed happiness.

It is the best gift

Christmas, birthdays, and other big holidays, parents want to find the best gifts for their children and the most surprising gifts. Grandparents want to give the little cuties the greatest happiness on the most important day.

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