Does the PonyCycle® go backwards?

-By The Jersey Momma

PonyCycle® doesn't reverse or go backwards, it is a special design for kid's safety. But you can steer it, so not being able to reverse has been no issue for us. We actually like this better, as this prevents you from accidentally running over your feet with the pony wheels.


I am always on the lookout for the latest and greatest toys, especially ones that make good gifts (we're always looking for gift ideas, right?). Well, I found one of the best ride-on toys out there, and it's called PonyCycle®!


What is PonyCycle®?

PonyCycle® is a ride-on plush pony (it comes in other animal varieties, too, including a zebra and unicorn, just to name a few). No batteries, no electrical charges- it's powered totally by the rider, moving up and down with their feet on the pedals. You can also steer it left or right by moving the head with the handles. How cool is that?

You might have seen PonyCycle® in rental facilities, where you can pay a fee to try them out (usually at malls or shopping centers). But you can own your very own PonyCycle®, too.

PonyCycle® is a great way to get exercise. They can even help improve balance and coordination, at least in this mom's opinion! All you have to do is push on those little pedals that you see in the photo below.

PonyCycle® comes in various sizes and there are different series (some with light-up wheels, fancier saddles and manes, etc.). The PonyCycle® we tested out was the medium sized classic PonyCycle® in light brown with white hooves. He is recommended for ages 4-8.


Things to Note About PonyCycle®:

-There is some minor assembly required. PonyCycle® arrives in pieces so the head needs to be fixed onto the body. Instructions were clear and we didn't have any problems with assembly.

-PonyCycle® is well made and sturdy, so it is not something that can easily tip over or fall. It operates with a simple up and down movement that any child can do. You don't need to pedal like a bicycle, just push the pedals to get it to move.

-Despite what you might think, it does not scratch floors. We have hardwood floors and my son has been riding this thing all over the place! Not a single scratch. It can also go over our dining room carpet, although it is a little more challenging to push forward on it than the floor.

-You can take PonyCycle® outdoors but it's not meant to be left outside, so just be sure to park it in your 'corral' when you're done with your ride, 'pardner!

My son is 10 and I did not expect him to fall in love with Pony Cycle. I thought he was 'too big' for it and 'too grown up.' I couldn't have been more wrong! My kiddo loves this pony. He's been riding it in circles all over the house, even up to the refrigerator.

I love that he can play indoors on it in bad weather, and get exercise on rainy, cold or snowy days.

PonyCycle® is a conversation starter- everyone who visits wants to try it out! Accept no imitations. There are other pony ride-on toys out there, but in my opinion, PonyCycle® is the best of the best.

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