Why PonyCycle® ride on unicorn/horse toy is the best

PonyCycle Unicorn Horse Toy is The Best Christmas gift for kids

If your child has not yet filled out to Santa’s wish list, but you want to break the routine and shop in advance, the following content may help you find a unique, creative and healthy Christmas gift.

The ride on unicorn horse toy will move you in lot of aspects. PonyCycle® rides like a real pony. Gallop into a wonderful adventure. It is powered by your child's movement. 

How about this gift idea? By bouncing up and down on the saddle. The riding horse toy can be easy steered with the handle bars. And they can go as fast or slow as they wish.

PonyCycle ride on unicorn/ horse toy makes kids stay active at home. Kids friendly, smooth wheels allows kids to ride indoors and outdoors. As a wonderful playmate. PonyCycle ® riding horse toy not only brings fine for kids, but also helps kids to train coordination throughout the body not like the auto/remote control electric ride on unicorn. Riding outdoors boys become brave knights, and girls are beautiful princesses. The combination of PonyCycle® and children is glorious and bright.

Amazing toy to get attraction! PonyCycle® is the best gift for kids. Make your equestrian’s dream come true.

Let's check the customers reviews about PonyCycle® (Toy reviews) :

  • Best Amazon purchase

"The quality is very good, almost no assembly! My son has been 22 months, he loves his horse." Amazon customer reviews

  • This is the best and strongest pony in the world

"But, to be honest, I like that my toddler son can ride in and out with his muscles to make this sturdy little guy walk. I'm full of praise for that."

  • Buy it, you need this! ! !

"This is the best investment for my daughter's birthday, great gifts. She hasn't stopped riding the pony. After 4 months of using it, she still loves it, and it looks very beautiful!! Review by the summoner.

  • Most suitable for horse girls! ! !

I bought a medium-sized dress for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. She loves it!

She is short, but she can still ride! We still have room for growth. Prepare for the real horseback riding. Reviewed by Jillian.

  • Wonderful!

"This was very easy to put together. It felt very sturdy. I got the ride on unicorn for my Granddaughter and she absolutely loved it. I would definitely recommend!

My Granddaughter is 3 and I ordered the larger size unicorn, she fits just fine. "Reviewed by Kindle Customer .

  • Christmas gift for 4-year-old daughter

"I brought this pony to my 4-year-old daughter for Christmas. She loves it and hasn't stopped playing since she got the gift.

This horse is not only cute, but also sturdy and durable. It can roll very smoothly on hardwoods, tiles and short carpets. It is easy to maneuver, and it is also easy to pick up and maneuver away in case she rolls herself to places she cannot support ( Horses do not roll in reverse, so if you enter a curve, you must dismount and move them).

We live in a cold climate and it is not always convenient to go out, especially in winter, so I also like the fact that she exercises and learns to coordinate while riding a horse.

This is the best thing I bought. "An Amazon customer commented.

  • Probably the best gift ever

“We bought it on our daughter’s 4th birthday, just like a new family member! Kids like to take turns, no matter how big or small, it’s very fun. It’s fun to ride around the house without damaging the floor.

We have new hardwoods. Although we were worried at first, these wheels are skateboard wheels and there are no traces at all. Well-made, super cute, very sturdy and easy for all ages. "Helen Kowalchik commented

  • Best gift ever!

Words cannot describe the joy that this has brought to my granddaughter!!! She treats her unicorn as a treasured ‘pet’. Grooms, ‘feeds’ and rides her every day.

She tells perfect strangers all about ‘Princess Sparkle’ and their adventures. Highly recommend! Reviewed by tammyammy.


"Let go of the best items I have ever bought on Amazon. My granddaughter is crazy, and this is perfectly able to pay the bill. No food, no cleaning and excellent exercise. The pony can be together in less than 5 minutes out of the box, and Very strong

Her 8-year-old sister is riding it! Lots of good sports. She took it to the house and brushed its mane and tail like a mane. If she can, she will sleep!

We bought two ride on cars so that 3 and 5 year olds can drive. "Yaya reviewed this.

This item is smaller than it looks-has a metal frame, but the body is filled with Styrofoam-and children can pick up the horse and carry it when it gets stuck somewhere.

  • Horse fans will love this

"Except for the horse that prevents the wheels from rolling backwards, the horse does not brake. It does roll like a normal scooter-that is, it travels forward, but rolls slowly to a stop. The maximum speed is about 2 speeds. . 3 mph

It can traverse carpets and wooden transitions without problems, but if you are outside, any sidewalk tiles that are a quarter of an inch higher may make the horse lean forward.

However, any kid who likes horses will love this toy. The little guy talked to the horse, brushed his mane and tail, and rode around the house. The horse head swings up and down as the legs move, so it feels like riding an animal instead of a scooter. "Commented by Pei-Te Yu


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