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PonyCycle K Brown Horse

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Upgraded Riding Experience

Lighter and smoother to ride, it is more stable when walking. With such a comfortable riding feel, kids will enjoy it more.

Outstanding Appearance

Every detail has been carefully sculpted by designer, in order to present it's noble and elegant temperament at any angle. Such a beautiful pony can capture a kid's heart in a second.


Not Just a Riding Toy

With it's additional accessories, kids have become little designers who can dress up the pony as they like. The pony became the kid's best playmate.


The Finest Cuddly Plush

K series pony is made of superior fabrics. Where the hands touch is smooth, silky, uniform and resilient. Playing with the pony, kids always feel the comfort and warmth from the pony.

Pedal & Wheel

  • Pedals use environment-friendly soft rubber, more comfortable to touch. Even if kids ride barefoot, they will not grind their feet or slip off the pedals. 
  • Wheels are upgraded to glow when the pony rides. This is based on the principle of mechanical light emission, NO any battery or power supply. The wheels emit cool light at night, making riding pony more fun!


Size and weight of the pony are designed based on the average height and weight of kids aged 3-5 and 4-9. Suitable for most kids to ride.



Multiple Choices

Three styles suit different choices for boys and girls. Different sizes accommodate kids in different ages. Whether your kid is a princess or a prince, there will be a favorite pony!