The PonyCycle® is The Best Birthday Gift For My Grandbaby


Wednesday, September 8, 2021

If you are looking for the best birthday gift for kids ages 3-9, check out this perfect gift idea of a PonyCycle®.


 Three years ago my first grandchild was born and now this cutie just celebrated her third birthday. Time sure does fly. I fondly remember my granddaughter came to visit and this grandma gave her a pony. She was my first grandbaby so I had to spoil her and what better way to spoil a baby but with her own pony.

The pony that I gave my granddaughter was not a real pony but it was the next best thing. I gave my grandbaby, the gift of a PonyCycle®This ride-on horse rides like a real pony and makes the perfect birthday or holiday gift for kids. The PonyCycle® was the best birthday gift for my grandbaby. It was a birthday gift that was enjoyed for many years by my granddaughter.


The PonyCycle® is new and improved

 It was three years ago that I gave the PonyCycle® to my grandbaby for a birthday present. My granddaughter now has a little sister who just turned one. So the original PonyCycle® is being passed down to grandbaby #2 and my granddaughter is receiving a new and improved PonyCycle® for her best birthday present. 



 The original PonyCycle® is still an awesome ride-on horse but PonyCycle® has added some new features to the PonyCycle® horse. The ride-on horse by PonyCycle® runs on kid power and needs no batteries. Kids just use their legs to make the pony go. This PonyCycle® ride-on horse has wheels that move when kids place their feet on the peddles. While the original PonyCycle® is a foot-powered horse that is super fun to ride the new and improved PonyCycle® has some awesome improvements that will make kids love this ride-on horse even more. 


 PonyCycle® Model N from 2018 



New functions for Model U 2021

+ Brakes

+ Realistic Sounds

+ Updated Wheels

+ Non-Slip Pedals

+ Optional Pedal Extension Pads and Reins



 My grandbaby has the PonyCycle® Model N from 2018 and now she has the PonyCycle® Model U 2021. While the original Model N PonyCycle® is still an awesome pony to ride, the newer Model U PonyCycle has new functions like brakes, sounds, updated wheels, and non-slip pedals. These new functions make the Pony safer to ride and give kids even more fun. 

BRAKES – The PonyCycle® is now designed with a hand brake. The hand brake brings the pony to a secure stop. This hand brake is a huge breakthrough among the mechanical ride on horses. 

REALISTIC SOUNDS  – The PonyCycle® horse now has realistic electronic neighing and galloping sounds. So when kids press the button on the pony, their horse sounds like a real pony.

UPDATED WHEELS –  The wheels on the new PonyCycle® are upgraded for a smoother ride. This makes the pony more stable to ride.

NON-SLIP PEDALS - The pedals on the PonyCycle are now non-slip. Making it easier for kids to keep their feet on the pedals.

Optional Pedal Pads - You can purchase pedal pads to help kids reach the pedals easily. It increases the foot reach by about 3cm in height.

Optional Reins - You can purchase reins to help kids feel more like riding a real pony.

PonyCyle® has also added many other new features to the new and improved PonyCyle®. These new features will add to kid's great adventure of riding a PonyCycle®. While kids are getting some awesome exercise, the pony will be sparking their imagination of riding a horse. This toy also exercises their balance and coordination skills.

 From the more comfortable seat to the softer horse fur, the PonyCycle® is still the best birthday present that any kid could dream of. This fun ride-on mechanical horse is designed to look and feel like a real pony. PonyCycle® gets kids moving and recreates the experience of riding an actual horse without any danger.

The PonyCycle® is a unique kid's riding horse toy that requires no batteries, charge, or power. This fun toy uses foot power and imagination. So kids can put down the devices and video games to get some healthy exercise. The PonyCycle® will get kids away from watching TV and outside having the best fun. Kids will use their imagination and create fun adventures with the most fun outside toy.

This fun ride-on pony from PonyCycle® is available in 2 sizes. So kids ages 3-9 years can have fun riding this ride-on toy. The PonyCycle® is also available in a horse, Zebra, or unicorn. The PonyCycle® can be enjoyed inside or outside. So be the best grandma and give the gift of adventure and fun with the PonyCycle® ride-on toy. This fun realistic pony makes the perfect gift for a birthday or for the holidays.

Kids are free to get on their ride-on horse toy and create any kind of magical and imaginative experience. Play is an incredibly important part of child development, related to motor skills, cognitive recall, and socialization. We want to make playing as fun as possible, which is why we are encouraging families everywhere to check out our PonyCycle® horse toy today.



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