Happy Birthday With PonyCycle® Unicorn

By Lauren

September 20, 2021

My little girl’s birthday is soon and this PonyCycle® pink unicorn makes THE BEST gift! The ride-on horse by PonyCycle® runs on kid power and needs no batteries. Kids just use their legs to make the pony go. This PonyCycle® ride-on horse has wheels that move when kids place their feet on the pedals. It is so fun and extremely cute! Perfect for the little princess. She was super excited to dress up in her princess dress and ride away on her unicorn. My son even loves riding on it, it can surprisingly go pretty fast with his weight!

The New functions since Model U 2021 are:

  • BRAKE– Designed with a hand brake, brings the pony to a secure stop.

The brake is a breakthrough among the mechanical ride on horses. The brake is similar to that on a bike, you simply squeeze it towards the handlebar

  • REALISTIC SOUND – Electronic neighing and galloping sounds when button pressed.

This is to make the horse/unicorn more vivid.

To add to the fun of the PonyCycle® there is also a sound button that plays the fairy galloping unicorn sound. The button for the soundbox is located behind the unicorn’s ear so can easily be reached while riding.

  • UPDATED WHEELS – Without stop ring, it is upgraded for a smoother & silent ride. Larger contact area makes more stable use.

This is one of the biggest differences from model N. Model U 2021 has integrated wheels to avoid the noise of the stop rings.

This Pony Cycle was made very well. Assembly was pretty easy, I assembled within minutes by myself. The only thing you need to do is attach the head with the included Allen wrench and then zip the material together. The pedal pads will assist kids to reach the pedals easily when the pony is still a bit bigger for them. This was a great addition for my daughter since she will be three; I’ve got a medium unicorn for her. You can purchase pedal pads to help kids reach the pedals easily. It increases the foot reach by about 3cm in height. The rein will add more fun, a more lifelike feel!

Since having this a few weeks now (in our living room since the kids play with it daily) we have received so many compliments on how cool of a toy it is. They also say how cute and well-made it is! We seriously love it; which is why it is such an amazing birthday gift! Really has the WOW factor for kids! I know both of mine love it, plus all of their friends that come over to play!

What to LOVE about Pony Cycle

  • High Quality Fabric
  • Durable and Sturdy
  • FUN
  • Comfortble Raised Seat
  • Non Slip Pedal
  • Solid Wood Handle
  • Different Colors

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