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Benefits of Riding

Better Motor Skills

Helps children develop their motor skills, balance, and coordination.

Less Screen Time

Riding PonyCycle® provides screen-free entertainment that encourages active play and imagination.

Uniquely interactive

Using kids' strength to move and dressing it up creates a close interaction with the pony.

Product Details

Brake for Safe Stopping
By applying gentle pressure to the handle brake, children can easily pause their ride whenever necessary.


Realistic Sounds (Zebras have no sound)

To give children a more realistic riding experience.
To make them become the most eye-catching stars.

Raised seat - core of riding like a real pony
The saddle design makes driving more comfortable and relaxed for children.

Allows the muscles of the arms, waist and legs of the rider.

Highly recommended by riding trainers for practising hunting seat and two-point Do not need electricity, no battery.


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Which Size Fits?

Selecting the perfect size for your child is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. To determine the ideal fit, the best way is to take into account the kid's height and inseam... Learn More

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