How does PonyCycle work?

Some people say that “PonyCycle is the Hermès in the kids riding toy”. This is not only because of the high price or the luxury appearance of PonyCycle, but lies in its value. Let’s know more about PonyCycle.


Is PonyCycle an electric horse? How does PonyCycle work? Why does PonyCycle have a raised seat? You will find out all of these in the following article.


PonyCycle Unicorn 

PonyCycle is mechanical horse, it’s kids powered, and no need battery or electricity, moving up and down with their feet on the pedals. You can also steer it left or right by moving the head with the handles. Safe and funny.


PonyCycle is not electric horse


How does PonyCycle work?


Through scientific ergonomic design and the built-in transmission mechanism of the ride on pony, coordinated movement of the whole body is realized, which makes PonyCycle ride like a real horse.


PonyCycle riding Principle:


  1. The rider sits on the raised seat, and gravity causes the seat to move downwards. At the same time, the front legs of the horse are forward and the hind legs are backward. Therefore, the human body descends, the knees bend, and at the same time, the waist is arched, the body is leaning forward, the hands push out the handles, and the arms straighten.


  1. Legs tread on the pedals hard, the body rises, the seat is released, and the front and rear legs of the horse close. The human body is supported by the saddle, the legs are straightened, and the hands are pulled back. The waist returns to straight, showing a state of chest and head up.


  1. Then, the rider sits back on the saddle, and the power is transmitted back and forth to achieve smooth riding movements.


When you read here, you may already found out that the raised seat is core of riding like a real pony! It provides the sense of ups and downs when riding. While the no-saddle horse not able to fulfill this at all.

The raised seat plays a vital role in smooth riding experience.

It is the important power source, making it easier for kids to drive the pony and enjoy riding.


 Comparison of raised seat design and no-saddle design


Ergonomic Raised Seat


Scientific data calculates a labor-saving and comfortable riding method, the raised seat providing effective support for kids during riding.


And the material of the seat is memory foam with good resilience, which is comfortable and soft.


What’s more, after upgraded the saddle structure, it is more robust and durable.


Some customers message us that PonyCycle is their kids’ favorite toy, even themselves as adults would like to have one.


Then, what age is PonyCycle for, and what sizes of ponies do PonyCycle have?


You can find this in the next article.


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