Kids can now go on a magical journey on the PonyCycle® Unicorn

Kids just move up and down in the saddle with their feet on the pedals to make the Unicorn move.

The PonyCycle® Unicorn is a fun new way to improve balance and coordination and get kids active.

Wooden handles provide the rider with extra stability and security, as well as adding a traditional feel to a revolutionary horse.

The PonyCycle® Unicorn features a red faux leather seat and a faux leather harness. High quality plush fabrics in white and a metallic finish unicorn horn give this ride on a magical finish.

The mane and tail are brushable, so kids can groom and care for the Unicorn during imaginative play.

The four easy-glide wheels make the PonyCycle® Unicorn suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on flat ground.

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