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By Jessica

I think every kid asks for a horse at least once. They don’t realize how much work it is to own a horse or how much space you need (it can’t share your bed like a puppy, after all). Plus, there is a reason why the phrase “eats like a horse” is something people say.

While we aren’t opening up a stable in our backyard anytime soon, I did find the perfect horse that Sophie and Jake will both love.



The PonyCycle® is perfect for kids who love horses and parents who aren’t going to bring a real horse into their home. It’s a soft horse that kids can ride.

There are several things I LOVE about PonyCycle®:

  1. No batteries or charging needed. Moms, you know this one is huge. No batteries. No plugging it in to charge before it can be used. The PonyCycle® is completely powered by your kid.
  2. Kid-powered = exercise! If your kid wants their horse to go, they’ve got to work for it by pumping their feet on the pedals to make it gallop.
  3. Kids can ride indoors or outside. I love toys that offer versatility.

I find that my kids are much more creative with their play when they are playing with toys that aren’t electronic. With the PonyCycle®, kids can pretend all sorts of fun adventures as they ride. And for the kids who want something a little more fancy than a horse, they have zebras and unicorns, too.

Check out PonyCycle® for your kids. I know they will love it!

Jessica  — Mom of Sophie & Jake

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