I have a new PonyCycle toy, how to assemble it?

1. Please pull the zipper upwards without pulling it to the top. Be cautious not to pinch the mane.

2. Loosen the two bolts at the horse head connecting rod by turning them counterclockwise. And remove the plastic protective cap from the body connecting rod.

3. Please keep the wheels facing forward, then align the horse head connecting rod with the body connecting and use the provided Allen key to tighten the two bolts clockwise. 

4. Retrieve the sound unit from the pocket inside the horse's neck. Remove the yellow plastic sheet and place the sound unit back into the pocket, making sure the arrow on the sound box faces outward. (Note: Model E, Model X, and Model U zebras do not have sound unit.)

5. Zip up around the horse's neck.

6. Inwardly squeeze both sides of the zipper and close it downward, taking care not to pinch the mane.

7. Attach the Velcro at the end of the horse necklace together.