Premium Model X

Love At First Sight!

Most noble PonyCycle®

Elegant looks conceal breathtaking craftsmanship, delivering a lifelike horse riding experience at any moment.

Each Model X pony is a symbol of childhood happiness, as if stepping out from a fairy tale world, leading children to run, explore, and wholeheartedly experience the rich and colorful world together.


From its lifelike mane and tail to the sturdy yet comfortable raised saddle. Each element sparks children's boundless imagination and spirit of adventure.

A design second to none


Impeccable Realism

The pony's perfect jawline, straight nose, and strong cheek muscles give it the lifelike appearance of a real pony, ready to be a true friend to a child.

Enchanting Eyes

With bright, beautiful, crystal-like eyes that radiate warmth, this pony inspires loving interactions and creates joyful experiences for children.

Artisanal Embroidery

Looking for a unique toy? The exquisite embroidery, like blooming flowers, adds endless charm to the pony.

New designs and color combinations

The spinning wheels create the illusion of emitting colored lights. This cool effect captivates children, adding an element of fun and fascination to every ride.

Robust Construction and Effortless Control

The finely crafted, sturdy pedals provide a safe, responsive riding experience, allowing children to ride effortlessly and enjoy endless fun every time.


Realistic Decorations and Accessories


Which Size Fits?

Selecting the perfect size for your child is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. To determine the ideal fit, the best way is to take into account the kid's height and inseam... Learn More

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