Premium Model X

Love At First Sight!

Best Birthday Gift

Who didn't want a horse as a kid? PonyCycle® makes your kid's dream come true.

Distinctive Sense of Nobility

Incorporating elegant design, premium materials, and exquisite facial features, it resembles a true noble steed.


A More Vivid, Life-like Horse Shape and Appearance

Featuring more precise shapes and angles of the head and facial features, including a perfect jawline, a straight nose, and strong cheek muscles.

100% Kid-powered

Lovable Vivid Details

Smart eyes

Crystal-like eyes inspire a loving nature.

Slightly parted mouth maybe telling a little story.


Exquisite Embroidery

Appears as blooming flowers that give it an elegant touch.

Firm construction and easy touch

The finely crafted pedal offers a safe and responsive riding experience with firm construction and an easy touch that lets children free their feet and pedal with ease.


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Which Size Fits?

Selecting the perfect size for your child is crucial for a comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. To determine the ideal fit, the best way is to take into account the kid's height and inseam... Learn More

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